The Student Essays

The Student Essays

Moral Values and Moral Self-image Among Adolescents Scouts and Unscouts of Male and Female sex

Graduate thesis of Elena Gerovska on the topic: Moral values and moral self-image among adolescents scouts and unscouts of male and female sex, University “St. Cyril and Methodius”, Facult… Read More

What After the Shock – Why Should We Talk About Pedophilia

An essay by Maria Grubor on the topic: What after the shock – why should we talk about pedophilia, 2017. Read More

The Moral Dimension of Anarchism

An essay by Anne Todorovska on the topic: The moral dimension of anarchism, 2016. Read More

Model of Public Health: Anarchist Perspective

An essay by Anna Todorovska on the topic: Model of Public Health: anarchist perspective, 2013. Read More

The Connection Between Sex, Materialism and Life Satisfaction Among Young Adults

Graduate thesis by Ana Todorovska on the topic: The connection between sex, materialism and life satisfaction among young adults, University “St. Cyril and Methodius “, Faculty of Philosop… Read More

The Struggle for Freedom and the Socialist Ideal in the Poetry of Vladimir Nazor

Violeta Koceva’s thesis on the topic: The struggle for freedom and the socialist ideal in the poetry of Vladimir Nazor, Gymnasium Koco Racin, Veles, 1971. Read More

Project Management in the Project “Fresh Idea” in the Function of the Development of the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Climate in the Republic of Macedonia

Graduate thesis by Ivan Gjorgievski on the topic: Project management in the project “Fresh Idea” in the function of the development of the innovation and entrepreneurial climate in the Rep… Read More

Carnitine – Biotransporter of Acyl Groups

Seminar paper by Blagoja Stavrov and Aleksandar Tanushoski on the topic: Carnitine – biotransporter of acyl groups, University “St. Cyril and Methodius “, Faculty of Medicine, Skopje… Read More